queXS 0.9.3 Released

queXS 0.9.3 has been released on SourceForge today.

New features:

  • Split configuration file in to default and user
  • LimeSurvey configuration now relies on queXS configuration (so only config.inc.php need be configured by the user)
  • Creating a new questionnaire in LimeSurvey will have required queXS settings by default

Bug fixes:

  • Removed direct links to internal DCARF addresses
  • Will create a respondent even if no firstName or lastName is given (in RDD samples)
  • admin/addshift.php: All days show up by using day_of_week database as source
  • Replaced _top with _self to make sure LimeSurvey windows only open within admin frame

Read more for how to upgrade from 0.9.2...

Upgrading from 0.9.2...

1. Copy config.inc.php to config.inc.php.bak
2. Extract the new package over the existing one
3. Modify the new config.inc.php to have the changes you made in config.inc.php.bak (Note: if your queXS LimeSurvey database is the same as for queXS itself (default) then you only need to configure the DB_ directives, as the LDB_ directives uses the DB_ directive as the default)