queXS 0.9.5 (Release Candidate 1) Released

queXS 0.9.5 has been released today on Sourceforge

This release is also a Release Candidate. A feature freeze is in place (although more translations are welcome), and if no further bugs are discovered, this will become queXS version 1.0.0.

New features include:

  • Italian translation (Thanks to Diego Donati)
  • Dutch translation (Thanks to Hugo Vandenplas)
  • Full transaction support
  • Limesurvey will now skip the welcome screen
  • Text size in the admin menu improved

Bug fixes include:

  • Removed references to next() in loops which were unpredictable
  • queXML export now uses adoDB functions correctly (Thanks to Tim Wahrendorff)

Read more for how to upgrade from queXS 0.9.4...

Upgrading from 0.9.3

1. Copy config.inc.php to config.inc.php.bak
2. Extract the new package over the existing one
3. Copy config.inc.php.bak over the extracted config.inc.php file