quexs 1.12.1 Released

queXS 1.12.1 has been released on Sourceforge

Bugs relating to case selection and quota sorting have been resolved.

Read on for more details including how to upgrade from queXS 1.12.0

Upgrading from queXS 1.12.0

  1. Browse to the queXS administration page
  2. Click on "Start and monitor system wide case sorting"
  3. Confirm that the sorting process is stopped
  4. Click on "Start and monitor VoIP"
  5. Confirm that the VoIP process is stopped
  6. IMPORTANT: Backup your database and files
  7. Rename the queXS 1.12.0 directory
  8. Extract quexs-1.12.1 to a new directory on your web server
  9. Rename the new directory to the same as the existing installation was originally
  10. Copy the config.inc.local.php file from the queXS 1.12.0 installation to this directory
  11. If you used .htaccess files, copy these to their respective directories also, for example: .htaccess admin/.htaccess client/.htaccess include/limesurvey/admin/.htaccess