queXS easy installation using Docker Toolbox on Windows or Mac

queXS "easy" installation using Docker Toolbox

  • Download Docker Toolbox from here: https://github.com/docker/toolbox/releases
  • Install it with the default options
  • Run the "Docker Quickstart Terminal" from the Desktop or Start Menu
    • Note: The first time starting, it may take a little while when setting up.
  • Once a terminal appears ($ sign waiting for input), type in (press enter after each line):
    • cd
    • git clone https://github.com/adamzammit/quexs-docker.git
    • cd quexs-docker
    • Choose what edition of queXS you wish to install. For the queXS 1.x series (built in, older version of LimeSurvey, best for CATI only systems) - enter in: git checkout production. For the queXS 2.x series (can use the latest LimeSurvey, installed separately best for dual CATI/Web studies) enter in git checkout remotelime
    • docker-compose up -d
  • This will download and run queXS inside Docker (this will take a few minutes the first time).
  • Once complete - you can access queXS by visiting: in your browser
  • The default username is: admin
  • The default password is: password
  • Note: if you decide that you have installed the wrong edition of queXS and wish to change - enter in the following: docker-compose down then go back to the step "Choose what edition of queXS you wish to install..."