Which edition to choose?

queXS 1.x.x includes a customised version of Limesurvey 1.92+. Choose this edition if you are primarily interested in CATI only, or want complete Limesurvey integration, including paradata output.

queXS 2.x.x requires a separate installation of Limesurvey 2.06+ or greater. Choose this edition if you use mainly web or a mix of web and CATI.


All versions of queXS requires the following to operate:

For queXS version 2.0.0 and greater - you will require a separate installation of Limesurvey (at least version 2.06) with the JSON-RPC interface enabled, and urlFormat set to 'path' not 'get'.

For the Windows Executable version (using XAMPP) you will require Windows and approx 500MB free.

Developers note:

New development on queXS is now handled on Launchpad

Contact details

Please (optionally) provide your first name and email address below so we can send you an email when a new version of queXS is released, or if any security issues are identified. Your details will not sold or made available to a third party.