Reports and quota documentation

queXS Reports and quotas PDF File documents both queXS reports and quotas, and the links between them.

Thank you to McMaster University for sponsoring this documentation

UPDATE for queXS 1.2.0:

queXS 1.2.0 now includes a quota prioritisation feature. For quota rows, it is possible to add a priority (default 50). If enabled, all cases which fall within that quota definition will appear in order of that priority. Furthermore, if auto-prioritisation is selected, then the priority of that quota row will update proportionally to the number of completions within that quota row. For example, with auto-prioritisation enabled, when there is 1 completion for a quota row where 10 are required to fill the row, the priority is 90 (100 - (100 * (1/10))). If there were 8 completions, the priority would be 20 (100 - (100 * (8/10))).