Database additions for using queXS in the USA

I have added an SQL file containing the database changes to allow for automatic Timezone detection of sample files when in the USA (database/queXS_US.sql). Please note that this will remove any other timezone information from the database, so please backup first.

These changes will allow for queXS to automatically detect the appropriate timezone for each record in the sample file based on either:

queXS 1.1.0 Released

queXS 1.1.0 has been released on Sourceforge today.

queXS 1.1.0 builds on the stable 1.0.0 release by improving performance, adding some minor features and fixing some small bugs.

Download it here

New features:

  • Performance improvements when using quota rows (Thank you Zimi)
  • Added configuration directive for Auto advance: LIME_AUTO_ADVANCE